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Arc Migration Tool (AMT) How AMT Bridges the Gap between AutoCAD and ArcGIS Data Migration Time and Cost Comparison AMT Technical Overview Arc XM
Arc Migration Tool (AMT)

Arc Migration Tool (AMT)The data migration nightmare is over: the struggle of converting a vendor drawing file into a standard Geo-Database (GDB / SDE) format manually is now a history.

Welcome to the world of AMT.  It is a nifty tool that saves nearly 70% of the time it takes to convert a drawing the hard way.  With its wizards, AMT makes it easier and faster to convert drawings.  Great cost savings and dramatic increase in productivity are the main benefits of this smart tool.  Furthermore, trust AMT to rigorously maintain the consistency and quality of data.

Customize AMT to your needs and place your data migration projects on a fast track.  Who can use this tool?  Anyone with entry-level skills in AutoCAD and ArcGIS will find AMT to be a simple and easy-to-use tool.

What if I want to use AMT in either a stand-alone computer or on a network?  Good news again, this tool works in both those modes.

How AMT Bridges the Gap between AutoCAD and ArcGIS

In the IT / GIS landscape, no software offers a simpler and faster method to convert drawings into an enterprise GDB / SDE format. Why not then import the drawing direct from AutoCAD in ArcGIS?  Again, in this software there isn’t an easier way to perform that function.  What’s the outcome of such a scenario? High labor costs and inefficient data conversions are just a few of the drawbacks of data migration without an intermediary tool. How AMT Bridges the Gap between AutoCAD and ArcGIS

Enter AMT.  It’s a boon for all the companies world-wide that work with AutoCAD and ArcGIS.  AMT greatly simplifies the complex task of drawing migration:  The user has to make just a few clicks.  AMT works hard and smart, so it takes much lesser time to transform your drawings into the GDB / SDE format. 

The mantra of AMT is straightforward: migrate drawing data to the GDB format easily and in less time, while maintaining the quality, consistency integrity and robustness of the data.

Data Migration Time and Cost Comparison
With AM Tool Without AM Tool
Saves 70% of the time of porting AutoCAD data to GDB and then to SDE Need enormous time to convert each drawing, as data migration process is very manual
Significant cost savings of more than 50% Increases conversion costs
Increases productivity by more than 65% Decreases productivity
Easier and faster migration through a systematic approach Cumbersome migration method
Not error-prone.  Reduces quality control cost and time. Error prone. Increases quality control cost and time.
AM Tool is easy to use: Entry-level skills in AutoCAD and ArcGIS is sufficient to use AMT, hence labor costs are minimum Conversion can be carried out only by GIS-skilled users, therefore labor costs are high
AMT Technical Overview

Migrating Data to GDB and SDE

Using AMT Manually
Perform the first and one-time configuration of:

   - GDB / MXD Drawing template
   - Auto-updatable field names and rules

Start AMT.  The drawing will open automatically with a wizard-based interface
Open the AutoCAD drawing and clean it manually
Clean and standardize the drawing through the wizard with only a few mouse clicks Merge the drawing layer-by-layer in GDB using Arc Catalogue and Arc Toolbox
AMT automatically codes maximum attributes Update the custom and default attributes for each layer using ArcGIS
Fix Dangle errors, Topology errors and Network errors automatically and using the wizards Check for Dangle errors, Topology errors and Network errors using ArcGIS
AMT creates and places maximum number of feature-linked annotations Select and create feature-linked annotations using ArcGIS
AMT exports the drawing automatically and migrates the data to GDB and then to SDE Export the GDB data to SDE using Arc Catalogue
Arc XM


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