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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

How do you ensure the quality of your GIS services?
Quality Conscious is our motto.  Edgemap has in place proven quality control processes to ensure the accuracy of our work.  At each stage of the project work flow, automated or manual quality checks syncs projects with your goals.  Trained and experienced Edgemap staff keeps an eagle eye on the quality of the deliverables.

What is your disaster management strategy?

Edgemap is in Bangalore.  It is far away from sea shores and thus there is no threat of floods.  The geographical location of this city makes it less vulnerable for earth quakes.  We save work-in-progress and completed projects on site and other locations to ensure safety.  Our adequate power backup ensures uninterrupted work.

How do you ensure our data security?
Edgemap guarantees the complete security of your data.  We have a multi-layer security system: 
  • Security guards monitor the entry and exit of Edgemap staff and authorized personnel and disallow entry to others
  • Electronic card-activated door control limits access to times of the day, days of the week and to specific areas.  This security system ensures access to authorized personnel only.
  • High-end servers and storage devices that use RAID technology make the data available to you 24 X 7
  • The firewall and other network security devices / methods prevent unauthorized external access to your data
  • All employees have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement
 What type of internet connection you have and what is the data transfer mode?
We use high-speed internet connection, and have a dedicated FTP server for faster data transfer.  You can upload large files to our FTP server or, in case of small files, send the same as e-mail attachments.

How many hours do you work and how to contact the managers of the company?
We work for 16 hours in two shifts.  This arrangement helps us complete your projects faster.  Further, because we are in India, the time differences with U.S. / Europe helps reduce the turnaround time.
Contact any of our managers directly through e-mail or telephone.

What software do you use?
We use all versions of CAD and ArcGIS software.

Do you have child or bonded employees?
No.  We will never hire such employees.

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