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Geographical Information System
GIS - AM / FM Services

 Edgemap harnesses its nearly 50 man-years of experience in AM / FM and provideslow-cost, quality- and technology-driven GIS utility mapping services to its clients in different continents.  Our expertise span user needs analysis and GIS database creation and maintenance.

We serve a broad spectrum of utility companies with our utility mapping services.  These companies include water supply and sewage boards, power transmission organizations, gas companies and electricity supply organizations.

Think Edgemap for all your needs in GIS utility mapping solutions with AM and FM: By offering top-notch GIS services, we want to earn the right to call you a customer.

GIS Consulting Services

Edgemap consulting services empowers you choose an effective path to drive your GIS data and application development efforts.

Whether you want comprehensive GIS consultation services or need consulting on a project basis, Edgemap will tailor its GIS consulting services to fulfill your goals.  Let us be your trusted partner for consultation on matters ranging from resolving technical bottlenecks to the need for on-site skilled personnel to managing your data and systems.

With outstanding experience in GIS data analysis and development, Edgemap willwork toward creating a successful blueprint for your GIS.  We study the source data and collaborate with you to define the scope of data creation and conversion projects.  Further we assist you formulate a strategy for building geospatial systems that process the data to provide accurate, up-to-date and on-demand information.

Geo Database Design

Digital maps are primitive to perform geographical information research and analysis.  How to overcome this drawback?  A geo database (GDB) is the solution.It is a powerful platform to store, query and retrievespatial data.

A GDB represents geographic data features and attributes that are stored in a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).Whereas MS Access is the common RDBMS to design a personal GDB, SQL Server, Oracle, or IBM DB2 is used for an enterprise GDB.  Edgemap database specialists haverich expertise in designing and developing personal or enterprise GDBsspecific to your requirements.  Our geo database design efforts produce strong data models, which help in developingGDBsthat perform efficiently andare scalable and easy-to-use.

With the power of an Edgemap designed and developed GDB:

  • Make efficient decisions through leveraging the GDB information, which is most current, systematic and intelligent
  • Allow multiple users to access the GDB to read, write and edit data from anywhere in the world and at any time

Increase the productivity of users, as they can work on up-to-date information

Utilities Data Conversion

Make the notion “Quality data in = quality data out” a reality with Edgemap data conversion services.  As quality data is a critical component of a GIS, our utilities data conversion specialists with a collective experience of nearly a decade, produces accurate geospatial data to get the best of your GIS.  Leverage it to make effective decisions and store, organize and manage your data on assets in sectors like water, waste water, telecommunications, electricity and gas.


From a technical view, how can top-notch data help? There is a range of possibilities, here is just an example: Through the GIS, track the locations, information and conditions of various facilities’ components.  These include water pipes, hydrants, valves, waste water pipes, manholes, electric, gas pipelines and transformers.

The data from our data conversion work can produce Utility Atlas maps, Contour maps, spatial maps, location-specific detail maps and cadastral maps, thematic maps and zonal maps for industries like utilities, agriculture, petroleum sector and town planning and for GIS mapping companies.

Give us your sourcedata in any format, including paper maps,aerial photos, property documents and AutoCAD drawings.  Our data conversion team will convert your inputsinto industry-compliant geospatial data.

Edgemap has stringent quality control process at every step of the utilities data conversion function.  The quality checks ensure the output data meets your specs and is complete and accurate.

Parcel Mapping Services

Parcel maps are a core component for building a GIS.  Why? A parcel map is a record that has parcels represented graphically and has information on their owners, addresses, dimensions, tax details and other.


Edgemap has produced a high volume of parcel maps, acquiring the expertise to offer cost-effective parcel mapping services.  Our parcel mapping professionals create parcel maps for the utilities sector from paper maps, aerial photos, and others.Edgemap parcel mapping solutions is the answer to:

  • Reduce landrecord maintenance costs by about 70%
  • Maintainland records easily and a securely

Gain an additional advantage with Edgemap parcel mapping services:The software we have developed analyzes parcel data like land type, usage, color and population to help you make strategic decisions in normal situationsandin adversity conditions like an earthquake or other natural disasters.

Data Migration

Edgemap GIS data migration services features accuracy, completeness and delivery on time and budget.  Data migration is a core competence of Edgemap, gained through migrating a high volume of data in a variety of formats to File geo database and other industry-standard formats.

Whatever be your GIS data migration needs, our trained and experienced technicians will use the in-house developed software for efficient data migration.  Edgemap personnel have the expertise to migrate data in any format to any GIS format.  For example the data source can be shape files, CAD files, coverages or geo databases.

Training and Support

Edgemap proven expertise in GIS services extends to training and post-project implementation support.

Edgemap technicians and engineers with several years of experience in the GIS industry, provide excellent training in various GIS areas.  These include data conversion, data migration and in using the applications.  Our training is tailored to your company’s precise needs and focuses onthe performance and productivity of your staff.

Providing top-notch technical support post completion of a GIS project is a key strength of Edgemap.  Rely on us for a rapid resolution to your queries.  Reach us through the support form in our website, video conferencing, e-mail, or telephone.  Our technical support specialists will promptly work to give you a solution and ensure your work flow is back on track soon.

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