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Utility Works Tool (UWT) UWT Benefits UWT Features
Utility Works Tool (UWT)

Utility Works Tool (UWT)Data conversion road blocks in AutoCAD are a thing of the past with UWT.  It is a powerful add-on product to AutoCAD.  With UWT’s wizards and menus, the user can successfully complete data conversion with less time and effort.  Further, this powerful tool ensures that the data is accurate and consistent.

UWT enhances productivity, as it is an easy-to-use tool and users need to have only minimum skills in AutoCAD.  All these mean that even a novice can use UWT for data conversion.


With UWT project leaders and project managers can manage their projects more efficiently, using the standard conversion process across multiple projects.

UWT Benefits
  • Decreases data conversion costs
  • Enhances your productivity from day one, as UWT has a flat learning curve.  If at all you need help using this tool, on-line help is just a click away.
  • Faster completion of projects through a simple conversion method
  • A basic knowledge of AutoCAD is sufficient to use UWT
  • Maintains process consistency throughout the project
UWT Features

UWTThe features of UWT include:

  • UWT is driven by wizards and menus, hence a lesser need for using AutoCAD commands
  • Automatically opens the DWG file from a specific location, based on the login ID of the user
  • Generates attribute reports for internal and field verification
  • High-end quality control system blocks user errors
  • Supports a wide-range of export formats, such as DXF, SHP and Coverage
  • Provides excellent security for projects and systems
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