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Geographical Information Systems

Using GIS application in the Utility industries is one of the basic requirements for effective management and solution of modern infrastructure development.

Edgemap have quali?ed industry expertise to give a complete Geospatial Solutions, Services and Support in Potable Water, Wastewater, Recycled Water and Storm Water, Power (Electricity), Oil and Gas and Landbase Administration.

F ... our stages of creating and managing your data:

1. Need Assessment / Analysis: Studying the existing source data and its methodology and collaborate with you regarding the requirements that are essential to achieve GIS project objectives.

2. Data Preparation & Integration: Edgemap technical team prepares accurate geospatial data to give a best for your industry. Edgemap will follow ISO data creation standards with clear project process method to deliver the quality of GIS Data.

3. GIS Solutions –
How Can Top-notch GIS data help?
   a. Edgemap web-based GIS solution will determine modern infrastructure requirement, forecast drawbacks using ground real-time data, empower efficient operations and prioritise maintenance tasks as per existing conditions and resolution for customer complaints and staff issues. Edgemap helps in identifying opportunity to increase the work and reduce cost and ease of doing maintenance and much more. These features are very important due to continuous growing utility consumption and strict policies in environment.
   b. Edgemap gives a web-based GIS solutions for Leak detections, Valve/Fire hydrants maintenance, Route directions, Field crew maintenance, Real time views, Rational Data connections, Analysis, Reports, Dash boards, etc., for all GIS data and also help to create different kind of output maps.

4. Data Maintenance and Update: Data maintenance and Update is a continuous process for utility companies to keep their data up to date and latest. Edgemap has extensive experience and GIS specialists are well versed in data maintenance and update services for utility companies, municipalities and consulting firms, etc.

Providing Top-Notch technical support post completion of a GIS project is a key strength of Edgemap…….. Rely on us for a rapid resolution to your all queries. Reach us through e-mail, Edgemap will promptly work to give you a solution and ensure workflow is back on track soon. 

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EDGEMAP has a unique identity of being one of the few privately owned companies who are offering services in the field of Cartography. By offering the needs of cartography companies in Europe, Edgemap has the reputation of delivering to the global needs to the user’s expectations. Our cartography specialists understand the needs for doing various thematic maps on customer defined software pla ... tforms. Edgemap Offers the following services in Map creation. They are:

 Map, atlas and guidebook design and production
     Road Maps
     Navigational Maps
     City Tourist Maps, Thematic Maps, etc.
 2D map and geographic illustration creation
 Interactive Maps
 Complete GIS capabilities
 Map exhibit and display design

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Mechanical Engineering

Edgemap is the company to reckon on for cost-effective, cutting-edge mechanical engineering services with a sharp focus on quality. We offer on-site and offshore design, detailed engineering and optimization solutions to clients across the globe. Edgemap serves domains that include Automotive, Construction Equipment and Railway Engineering.

Our mechanical engineering solutions are of ... a higher level and are driven by a skilled and experience d team and world-class infrastructure comprising high-performance computing nodes, workstations and advanced CAD, CAM and CAE software. We are specialists in digital modeling, including Class A surfaces, sub-assembly and main assembly. Ourin-depthexpertise in mechanical engineering services encompasses:

  • Digital modeling
  • Body Engineering (BIW)
  • Power train and Driveline Engineering
  • Chassis Engineering
  • Interiors and Trim development
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3D Architecture

3D Model is really a good way to obtain a better visualization of your projects for your clients. It has been effectively used by Architects, Civil Engineers and construction companies to better visualize and convince the clients in giving them a realistic approach for their project and it helps in making intelligent decisions in space management, selection of materials, textures, etc., ... in providing a photo realistic rendered models to their clients.

Edgemap offers a high-quality 3D architectural interiors and exteriors services to civil industries like Civil Engineers, Real Estate Developers, Architects and private clients.

Edgemap can turn your ideas into detailed designs!
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Land Administration

Land policy deals with parcel of land such as (a) agricultural land, (b) forest land, (c) land for housing, infrastructure etc…. It typically includes laws and regulations as well as administrative structures and programmes.
Creating and maintaining a record that represents graphically and has information on their ownership such as addresses, dimensions, tax details and other ... info is essential for any concerned authority or even a private sector.
Edgemap helps in generating digital maps, reports, statistics, etc., which will facilitate land management and planning in order to promote security of land tenure and reduce land disputes.
Land administration activity on the one hand deals with huge amounts of data, which moreover are of a very dynamic in nature, and on the other hand requires a continuous maintenance process, the role of information technology is of strategic importance. Edgemap provides customized solutions for the above...! 
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GIS Training

Edgemap GIS training programs aims to give a strong theoretical foundation and excellent hands-on skills to prepare participants explore careers in and meet the challenges of the GIS world. Individual modules equate to 10 days and 4 weeks Program.

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