Mechanical Engineering

Edgemap is the company to reckon on for cost-effective, cutting-edge mechanical engineering services with a sharp focus on quality. We offer on-site and offshore design, detailed engineering and optimization solutions to clients across the globe. Edgemap serves domains that include Automotive, Construction Equipment and Railway Engineering.
Our mechanical engineering solutions are of a higher level and are driven by a skilled and experience ... d team and world-class infrastructure comprising high-performance computing nodes, workstations and advanced CAD, CAM and CAE software. We are specialists in digital modeling, including Class A surfaces, sub-assembly and main assembly. Ourin-depthexpertise in mechanical engineering services encompasses:

  • Digital modeling
  • Body Engineering (BIW)
  • Power train and Driveline Engineering
  • Chassis Engineering
  • Interiors and Trim development
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Data Migration to CAD Platform

Edgemap trained and experienced technicians convert your drawings to a variety of formats: Whether it is conversion from AutoCAD to SolidWorks, Inventor to SolidWorks or CATIA V4 to CATIA V5, our data conversion services meet your needs precisely.

Want to convert2D and 3D manual drawings to CAD format? Do you need drawing conversion from one software format to another? Edgemap data conversion / migration capabilities are dependable, accu ... rate and are offered at competitive costs.

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Manufacturing Detailing

Edgemap offshore mechanical engineers will work on your 3D models and generate 2D detailed drawings, so you can use them directly to launch production.How can your company benefit from this production strategy? On one hand you avail cost-effective detailed engineering services by a talented offshore team and,on the other, meet your production schedules, taking advantage of the geographical time difference.

Edgemap engineers will modify the ... 2D drawings, 3D models or documentation, according to the exactdesign specifications in the ECN (Engineering Change Notice) and, as always, the deliverables are on time and budget.
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Re-Engineering / Reverse Engineering

Do you want to move existing product geometry into a digital product development environment? Do you want to create a digital 3D record of your products for internal use or to evaluate a competitor’s products? Whatever be your reason, let Edgemap reverse-engineering experts offer top-notch services to meet your goals.
How do our specialists go about the reverse engineering tasks? These are customer-specific, buthere is a general overvi ... ew:
 Measure a physical object and construct it as a computer 3D model.  3D scanning technologies like CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), laser scanners, structured light digitizers or computed tomography is used for this work
 Obtain the output of the above task as point cloud
 Process and model the point data into a format like a triangular-faced mesh, set of NURBS surfaces or CAD model

Make Edgemap your single resource for your reverse engineering projects and leverage its rich experience in multiple domains and the cost advantage.
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Class-A Surface Designing Automotive BIW

One of the core strengths of Edgemap is Class-A surfacing. Through this competitive edge, it provides design solutions to automotive companies world-wide.Whether it is for form exploration, rapid prototyping or other, Edgemap Class-A surfacing services will be tailored to match your objectives. Our trained and experienced engineers design Class-A surfaces using industry-leading software like Alias and ICEM Surf.

What is a Class-A Surface ... ?

Class-A surface is the phrase in automotive design vocabularythat describes a set of freeform surfaces of high efficiency and quality. Even though the phrase only means that surfaces have curvature and tangency alignment to ideal aesthetical reflection quality, many people interpret Class-A surfaces as having G2, or even G3, curvature continuity to one another.

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