Field Mapplet

An advanced solution for GIS-enabled mobile computing that can be used for all types of field work. Specially designed to automate any workflow that spans both office and field, including departments such as Customer Service, Field Operations, Engineering and Finance departments.

Field Mapplet Features

Workflows include (but are not limited to) underground service alerts, customer service requests, periodic maintenance activities, inspections and redlining.

Can be easily integrated with any organization’s tabular, document and Geographical Information System (GIS) database environments..


Mapplet allows your enterprise to leverage its investment in Geographic Information System (GIS) data. Mapplet allows users access to location aware maps, multi-form tabular data, and other drawings and documents. All departments including Customer Service, Field Operations, Engineering and Finance departments can use this highly innovative map-based viewer to fully utilize their GIS program.  

Mapplet Features

Load Mapplet via the cloud or onsite

Build map views specifically to target the needs of different user groups

Quickly build, customize and deploy Mapplet